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Trying to sell your home?

When you decided to sell your home, you might have been really hopeful and excited for it to sell quickly. You probably expected a lot of people to come and see your beautiful home.

But now it’s been several weeks, maybe even months, and the number of people coming to view your home has gone down a lot. Instead of many visitors, you’re only getting one or two each month. Your excitement has faded, and you’re starting to wonder what else you can do to sell your home.

If you talk to your estate agent about it, they will likely blame the market or your asking price, or maybe both. But before you think about lowering the price, changing agents, or repainting your living room, I suggest you take a look at our Home Selling Checklist. It will help you make sure you’ve covered all the important things when selling your home.

Your home selling checklist

When it comes to selling your home, there are many factors that affect its saleability, either adversely or beneficially. At Weavers, we assess each house thoroughly to ensure that all these factors are optimised for selling. Here’s our checklist to help you see if you could make any improvements. You’ll see it is in sections, so you can see how you rate in each one. Award yourself up to five points for each question, and then add them up.

Your Estate Agent

Your Brochure

Your Online Advert


Preparing Your Home For Viewings

Now Add Up Your Scores, Total Out Of 100

How Did You Do?

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