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Style your garden to sell in 6 easy steps

Garden lighting. Style your Essex garden to sell.
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What does your garden signify to you?

For me, it embodies a space for entertainment, enjoyment, and peace. This delightful and versatile space holds immense value, as numerous studies indicate that it ranks among the top three priorities for prospective buyers. Enveloping your home at the front and back, your garden is a significant area that necessitates as much preparatory attention as any indoor room. That’s precisely where we come in to assist you!

While tidying up the garden is important, adding style to it takes the experience to another level. It is the thoughtful arrangements and selected accessories that provide the final touches, elevating the space. So, once you have trimmed the hedges and pressure-washed the patio, the real fun can commence! By infusing the garden with a flourish of style, you will exceed the viewers’ expectations and reveal the true potential of the space.

Here are six tried and tested tips to imbue your garden with captivating style:

1. Frame the front door 

The first area that greets viewers upon arrival is the front door. It is worth considering the inviting impression you wish to create. Start by revitalizing old letterboxes, handles, and knockers. Then, contemplate defining a pathway to the door by incorporating flower beds or potted plants with post lights interspersed between them.

When it comes to the doorway or porch, draw attention by framing it with hanging baskets and climbing plants. Alternatively, position lanterns filled with candles of varying sizes on either side of the door. Arranging them in groups of three will enhance their visual appeal.

Frame the front door - unique homes for sale in Essex

2. Get in the zone

Before embarking on the task of accessorising your back garden, we recommend dividing it into distinct areas that serve specific purposes. This not only gives the illusion of a larger space, but it also adds an organised touch, allowing you to showcase the garden in its best possible light.

Strategically placed dining and seating areas play a crucial role in subtly delineating your garden and helping potential buyers envision themselves enjoying the space. Define the focal point of the primary entertainment area with a weatherproof rug, and use comfortable furniture to establish boundaries. For a perfect blend of comfort and elegance, opt for a glass-topped table and cushioned dining chairs crafted from natural-looking materials like all-weather wicker or Lloyd Loom.

If space permits, create a relaxation corner in another part of the garden with an outdoor sofa or swing chair accompanied by a wooden coffee table. To enhance the cozy atmosphere, consider adding a gas or electric heater for those chilly evenings.

Separate your Essex garden & make unique spaces

3. Light the way

Regardless of the weather, enhancing your outdoor space with carefully selected lighting that looks stunning both day and night will infuse warmth and style. Take inspiration from the theme of your interior and extend it seamlessly into your garden. Opting for a collection of fixtures in bronze and copper tones will provide an aged, antique appearance that harmonizes with period houses and cottages. On the other hand, matte black and silvered patinas will complement the contemporary ambiance of a modern home.

If you have a decked area, consider incorporating recessed floor lighting. This addition will not only illuminate the space during darker months but also create an uplifting glow. Alternatively, weave strands of festoon lights around an awning, hang them along the eaves of a shed or carport, or wrap them around a tree or two to enhance the relaxed atmosphere. These captivating lighting arrangements add a touch of enchantment to your garden.

Garden lighting. Style your Essex garden to sell.

4. Play with mirrors

Incorporating one or two outdoor mirrors into your garden can have several benefits. Not only do they help to reflect light and create a sense of spaciousness, but if strategically positioned, they can also enhance the overall ambiance.

When selecting a location for an outdoor mirror, consider what you want it to reflect. Opt for a placement against a fence or wall that showcases the beauty of flowers and foliage, rather than a view of unsightly drainpipes.

Additionally, think about the shape and size of the mirror. Choosing a larger mirror will make a more significant impact. For instance, placing an oversized mirror in your seating area will not only bounce light but also reflect your impressive table styling.

Whether your garden style leans towards the classic or modern, a Crittall window mirror can be a fantastic choice. Showcase an arch-shaped mirror in an elegant countryside garden, or opt for a straight-framed square version in a more contemporary setting.

Outdoor mirror ideas for your rear garden. Weavers - The estate agents for unique homes in Essex

5. Lift the space with colour

When it comes to embracing nature, don’t hesitate to play with colors to infuse your garden with cheerfulness and a welcoming atmosphere. For effortless decoration, introduce container plants, especially in paved areas or courtyard spaces where color might be lacking. Even if the flowers are not in full bloom, you can still add vibrant hues by grouping together plant pots and baskets in coordinating colors.

For charming, older houses, consider incorporating fast-growing climbers like wisteria or clematis against a wall or fence to create a captivating visual impact. On the other hand, for a modern home, use trailing plants in hanging baskets to form a living wall of foliage, embracing a minimalist approach. Another creative idea is to utilize wooden or galvanized metal step ladders as a fun way to showcase a floral display.

If you notice any bare patches in your flower beds, now is the perfect time to fill them in. Introduce a variety of easy-to-maintain perennials that maintain their beauty throughout the year, such as hellebore, libertia, liriope muscari, and cranesbill. These plants will contribute to the overall appeal of your garden and require minimal effort to keep them looking splendid.

Design your Essex garden to sell

6. Keep it low-key

Keep in mind that you don’t have to go overboard with excessive styling or create an impression of high maintenance in your garden.

To maintain a depersonalised appeal, choose furnishings that emphasize texture rather than intricate patterns. When it comes to accessories, opt for calm and neutral colours, unless they come in the form of flowers or plants.

This approach ensures that you create a soothing atmosphere without overwhelming the space with too many vibrant elements.

Low Maintenance Garden ideas - Weavers | Selling Unique Homes in Essex

If you’re preparing to sell your home in winter, garden styling won’t be the easiest of tasks. Why not read our 7 tips for selling in winter here.

Are you eager for additional tips on garden styling? Or do you require advice on preparing your home for the market? In either case, we would be delighted to assist you!

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