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How saleable is your home?

How saleable is your home? Weavers estate agents in Essex
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Finding out how marketable your home is brings a sense of reassurance. Whether you’re dreaming of moving to a house abroad, or simply seeking a change, putting your home on the market and securing a sale can be quite the endeavour.

Now, let’s discuss the topic that’s on everyone’s mind: house prices. Currently, house prices are remaining stronger than many experts and news outlets predicted last year. The recent dip in the number of transactions we’ve observed was to be expected. 

Even more encouraging, mortgage rates have been steadily decreasing for the past six weeks, providing buyers with greater purchasing power – a promising development!

How saleable is your home?

Before we dive into the saleability quiz, let’s talk about the factors that influence whether your home is market-ready.

Every home has potential, but to maximise the value of your home, it’s wise to ponder these factors:

  1. Market Conditions: What’s the current state of the housing market?
  2. Location, Location, Location: Where exactly is your home situated?
  3. Size Matters: How spacious is your home?
  4. Condition Check: What’s the overall condition of your property?

Don’t fret; these factors aren’t the ultimate deciders, but they certainly play a role worth exploring. Keep reading to discover how each one impacts your home’s saleability.

What is the area like?

We all know that homes in better areas usually sell for higher prices.

People are ready to spend more for added safety, a relaxed atmosphere, good schools, and nearby conveniences. It makes perfect sense, right?

If your home is in a lovely area, it becomes more attractive to potential buyers.

And if you’re not in one of the top spots, don’t stress. There are plenty of other things that matter when it comes to selling your home.

Where is your home based?

Properties for sale in Thorpe Bay, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

In addition to the neighbourhood, your home’s specific location is equally vital.

Is your home near a motorway? Do you reside close to local attractions? Perhaps you’re just a quick five-minute drive from the shops, yet nestled in the heart of the countryside.

Location plays a significant role; it greatly influences both the value and the appeal of your advertisement or online listing.

Of course, you can’t uproot and relocate your house, but comprehending how location impacts the price and overall appeal of your home is valuable knowledge.

To find out more about how different Essex locations compare, click here to read our blog about Essex’s luxury property market

How big is your home?

How big your home is directly affects how much it’s worth. Think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has.

Buyers often think about the price for each square foot, but where your home is makes a huge difference. A four-bedroom home in central London costs a lot more than one in rural countryside. People are willing to pay more for a ‘good’ location.

But what really matters is the space where you can live – like the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. These are important things that can help sell your home.

Having a big, modern kitchen can make your home much more attractive than one with an old, worn-out wooden kitchen that’s been around for years.

Before you put your home on the market, think about doing some simple renovations. It will make your home more valuable and easier to sell. We promise it’s a good investment!

What condition is your home in?

A well-maintained home is often a star performer in the property market.

Imagine it like this: when you step into a house, you want to feel like you’re walking into a warm and inviting home, right? That’s exactly what most buyers are looking for. So, put on those finishing touches, give your home a fresh coat of paint, and let potential buyers see what makes your place truly special.

Now, here’s a handy tip: before you seek a valuation, it’s a wise move to tidy up and take care of some basic repairs around your home, if necessary.

This means tackling those tangled wires, sprucing up the skirting boards with a new coat of paint, and finally, putting that extractor fan issue to rest (after all, nobody wants to deal with mould).

It might take a bit of elbow grease, but trust us, it’s worth it. These simple fixes and improvements can significantly boost your home’s value, making it even more appealing to potential buyers. So, don’t underestimate the power of a little home TLC!

And if you’re willing to invest more than just elbow grease, why not read our blog post – 5 kitchen improvements to improve the value of your home.

Kitchen, Thorpedene Gardens, Shoeburyness

Saleability quiz

It’s not just about the physical condition of your home (although this is very important), but the saleability of your home is also heavily tied to: 

  • Your estate agent
  • Your brochure
  • Your online advert
  • The price 
  • If you prepare your home for viewings

But it doesn’t end there – you need to be in regular contact with your estate agent, your brochure must show the best of your home, you need to dress and prepare your home for viewings and the price must sit within a realistic bracket. (If your current estate agent isn’t effectively communicating with you, our blog on switching estate agents may prove useful.)

Add all these factors together, and you’ve got a saleable home. It’s that simple. 

Take our saleability quiz and find out just how saleable your home is!

If, after completing the saleability quiz, you did not get the results you were hoping for, then give our friendly team a call on 01702 411146, or email us at – we’ll get right back to you with further advice. 

We’re here to offer our expert insights on what’s required to ensure a successful sale of your home. We’ll tailor a unique marketing strategy just for you. With our expertise, we’re confident you’ll achieve success in the market.

Let us help you sell your home for the best price – it’s our specialty!

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