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So, you’ve chosen your estate agent to help sell your home. Great! Now, what’s the next step? While the agent will primarily manage the sale, there are still some key actions you can take to ensure the best possible outcome.

Think of it this way: you and your estate agent are now a team. Both of you are equally motivated to secure the right sale, so it’s important to align on your goals and expectations for the coming weeks or months.

Feeling uncertain about what to do next? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 useful tips to guide you from your initial meeting with the estate agent all the way to receiving the right offer.

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1. Be clear on your timeline 

Before doing anything else, ensure you and your agent are aligned on expectations from the start. Ask questions, clarify any concerns, and discuss your timeline—whether you need to move quickly or are willing to wait for the right offer. This will help your agent organise and prioritise your requirements effectively.

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2. Stay updated

Working with your estate agent requires clear and consistent communication. Let your agent know how often you’d like updates on the sale’s progress. We suggest general updates every seven to ten days, along with feedback a couple of days after each viewing to understand the potential buyer’s impressions.

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3. Act on feedback

Potential buyers are usually honest about their opinions after a viewing, so be prepared for both positive feedback and some criticism. If you receive any negative comments, try not to get disheartened. Instead, let your estate agent know that you’re open to all feedback so you can use it to your advantage. Look for common themes in the feedback, as they can help you identify areas for improvement. For example, buyers might mention that the décor looks a bit tired or that certain areas need some attention. Be ready to invest some time in these updates, whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a weekend of DIY projects. These efforts can make a significant difference for your next viewing.

Seal Point, Sea View Parade, Chelmsford, Essex

4. Decide on a marketing strategy

Give your estate agent a steer when it comes to where you want your home to be advertised to potential buyers. You’ll likely want a ‘for sale’ sign up, but aside from that, decide on whether you want your house advertised in the local press and stipulate how many times you want it to be shown if so. Give an indication of approximately how long you’d like your house to appear in the estate agent’s window and provide some direction as to which online portals you want to see your home shown on.

Clifftown Parade, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

5. Approve the marketing

Your agent will likely provide you with a list of marketing details to approve, showcasing your home’s best features. These details will be used to attract potential buyers and are often the first thing they’ll read about your property. While your agent will have thoroughly reviewed this information, it’s important for you to double-check as well to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

For more information on bespoke marketing and why it’s important, consider reading our post here. 

Seal Point, Maylandsea, Chelmsford, Essex

6. Showcase your home’s best angles

Alongside the marketing description, the images of your house are crucial. To help the photographer capture the best shots, thoroughly tidy your home before they arrive. Move bins and parked vehicles out of sight, and if possible, switch on accent and mood lighting to create an inviting atmosphere.

Once your house is in shape, add a few stylish touches like fresh flower bouquets in vases and set the dining table with your favorite place settings. These details will enhance the lifestyle photography and help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space. Try to maintain this look for viewings so buyers can fall in love with your home during their visit.

We also have a post called ‘Secrets Of The Best Property Photography’ which you can read here.

Seal Point, Sea View Parade, Maylandsea, Chelmsford, Essex

7. Try to be flexible with house viewings

Naturally, the more viewings your estate agent can schedule, the more offers you’re likely to receive. Weekends are prime time for property viewings since most people are free, allowing potential buyers to reflect on what they’ve seen and make offers on Monday morning. Additionally, buyers often look at multiple houses over the weekend to make instant comparisons. Scheduling your home for weekend viewings ensures it stays fresh in their minds and competes effectively with other properties.

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8. Carefully consider your offers

Lastly, remember that most offers are negotiable, even if they initially seem a bit low. Often, buyers will return with a better counteroffer if their first one is politely declined. So, don’t be too quick to dismiss an offer from a potentially committed buyer.

Do you want to know more about how you and your estate agent can work together? Or do you have general questions about marketing your home? Either way, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re always happy to help. Contact us by phone at 01702 411146 or send us an email at, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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