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Bespoke Home Marketing

We understand that your property is unique, so we make bespoke marketing materials just for your home to position it with exclusivity. Our team of experts carefully designs these materials to highlight its amazing features, beautiful design, and the lifestyle it provides.

The feedback from our clients proves that our property marketing goes above and beyond, attracting buyers for special and luxurious properties for sale, often selling for more than expected.

Let us take you through each of the elements of our unique bespoke marketing, and how they all fit together to make the work of art that is one of our magazine-style home brochures:

Elm Grove, Thorpe Bay, Essex, SS1 3EY


Lifestyle Photography

While some local estate agents may invest in a quality camera, or even hire a professional photographer, we take it further with our exceptional images. We capture the ambiance of what it truly feels like to reside in your home and the lifestyle that awaits your prospective buyer. Our aim extends beyond merely selling a house; we are dedicated to showcasing the captivating lifestyle that accompanies it.

Styling your home for sale. Weavers | The Estate Agents for Unique Homes in Essex


Home Styling

Even the most stunning homes on the market can benefit from a touch of styling to showcase their finest features. It’s essential for potential buyers to envision themselves within the confines of your home. To achieve this, we may employ simple bedding, soft-hued cushions, and luxurious throws. We bring along carefully selected accessories to your photoshoot, to accentuate the allure of your space.

Boost your listing with property descriptions written by a copywriter



Your home holds cherished memories for you, and inspiring dreams for the buyer. That’s why we engage the services of a gifted copywriter who will invest time in conversing with you, unraveling the essence of your home and the unparalleled experiences it offers. The outcome is a captivating & emotional narrative crafted to ignite the imagination of those seeking to make your home their own.

Kings Hill, Rochford, Essex. Twilight Photography.


Twilight Photography

The first photoshoot visit captures the beauty of your home in the daylight, while the second visit takes place just as the sun sets, allowing us to capture additional captivating exterior shots. Why do we go to such lengths, you ask? Well, twilight photography has proven to be a magnet for prospective buyers, drawing them to your advertisement. Your home is certain to be positioned above the rest.

Magazine-style property brochures when selling your home. Estate Agents for Unique Homes in Essex


Magazine-Style brochures

Once we have the most perfect images, a compelling narrative, and a visual brand of your home, it’s time for our talented designers to get to work. Every single one of our brochures is meticulously crafted with utmost precision, tailored exclusively for your unique home. The result is an exquisite magazine-style brochure that both you, and your buyers, will be proud to possess as a timeless memento. 

Weavers Estate Agents in Southend - Bespoke For Sale Sign


Bespoke For-Sale Sign

Our boards feature something very special; the home they are selling. It’s an additional opportunity to showcase a benefit of your home to prospective buyers. Did you know that 30% of people move home to be closer to their friends/family? We make sure every passer-by can see what they may not be able to see from the road, i.e how your home looks at twilight, from above, or even what a special kitchen it has.

When you decide to sell your home, most estate agents aim to quickly put it on Rightmove, sometimes even on the same day you hire them. It seems like a logical approach if they have their camera ready, right?

But if you appreciate the value of careful work, just like we do, you’ll understand the beauty of things that take time to create. 

Every part of our marketing is carefully made by our most skilled experts. This means it might take two, maybe three weeks to bring your home to the market with the love and care it deserves. 

You get one chance to make a first impression, and the wait is absolutely worth it.

Property for sale in Essex Learn about our transparent estate agent selling fees

Our Simple Selling Fees

While many other local estate agents keep their selling fees a secret, we believe in being completely transparent.

Your investment to us is 1.5% plus VAT (equivalent to 1.8% including VAT) of your final sales price, upon completion of your sale. 

There are no up-front marketing costs, and we will not tie you into a restrictive contract. 

This simple and direct approach ensures that you know exactly what the costs are from the outset. 

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