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Bespoke Home Marketing in Essex
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What is bespoke property marketing, why do you need it?

If you’ve ever sold a home before, you may have experienced your estate agent to pushing to start advertising the property as quickly as possible. As long as it’s on Rightmove (or the other property portals), it will sell, right? 

Not quite. 

We feel that there is only one chance to make a first impression. And it’s worth us spending time on your marketing, to make sure that first impression is the best it can be. 

We believe in bespoke marketing. 

Bespoke marketing highlights your home with a sense of exclusivity that the sellers of other properties on your street will be envious of. 

Following a bespoke marketing plan, as well as attracting more interest in your home, will typically help a seller achieve a higher price, and may open up your home to a different market. A different type of buyer. 

For the remainder of this blog, I’ll explain in more detail what bespoke marketing is, what it actually consists of, and why it’s important. 

Bespoke marketing - Weavers Estates

What is bespoke marketing?

Traditionally, you may have experienced an estate agent taking one, or maybe two, photographs of each room, the garden, and the exterior of the property. These photographs will then be uploaded to the property portals. 

A bespoke approach adds exclusivity, and positions your home to the market in a way that says ‘I am special’.

For example, we may dress and style your home to show off its best features. We bring our own props and accessories, to show off what your home has to offer.

We also create a personalised magazine-style brochure that showcases your home and its top quality to buyers. 

Bespoke marketing is the whole package – it’s all about creating an individual approach and plan for your home. Every home has a unique personality, and we don’t feel that a one-size-fits-all approach is best for our buyers and sellers. 

We create poetic descriptions, and capture beautiful lifestyle photography amongst other techniques to increase attention, and drive interest to the listing of your home. 

We know how to talk to your prospective buyer, creating copy that speaks to them directly.

Bespoke home marketing - Weavers Estate Agents

We engage the best talent to advertise your home

Traditional estate agents typically will have a small team of agents who will handle the listing of your property. 

At Weavers, it’s not just us that works on your advertisement. We work with a team of experts within their respective crafts to showcase the true beauty of what your home has to offer. From specialist lifestyle photographers, to copywriters and designers, it’s all about creating a story for your property and sharing it with the world. 

Our approach works. It’s why we’ve helped sell homes that previously struggled to spark the interest of potential buyers.

If your home is on the market and you feel that your current property marketing could use a revamp, take a look at our blog on switching estate agents.

Bespoke estate agents in Southend-on-Sea, unique property marketing

Why do you need it?

Listing your home using the traditional methods on an estate agent’s website is the usual thing to do. You probably don’t think twice about it – after all, they are the experts. 

But if you have a unique home, perhaps containing old Victorian architecture, a one-of-a-kind sitting room with a divine fireplace, or a view looking across the estuary, for example, the standard approach won’t do. 

Bespoke home marketing creates a sense of prestige and paints your home in the best possible light – because that’s what it deserves. We want to showcase what the property can offer to buyers – it’s a lot more than four walls and a few windows. 

Choosing a personalised designed exclusively for your home helps you sell the property for the price you want in a timeframe that’s better suited to you and your upcoming changes. 

Feature Hallway - Weavers Estate Agents

Who is bespoke home marketing for?

Choosing the bespoke route when marketing your home is a larger investment than traditional listings. However, we’ve seen plenty of success when clients ask us to help sell their home using our unique methods.

We also feel that by advertising your home in this way, your home will sell for the best price, which is why we see our commission as an investment as opposed to a ‘fee’. 

Typically, bespoke home marketing is best suited to homeowners with a unique or high-value home.

That could mean stunning views over the estuary or the golf course, a desirable location, beautiful architecture, and so on… bespoke marketing increases the attention to your home, and leaves our clients feeling proud of their marketing. 

Furthermore, if your home has been listed on the market for longer than you anticipated, with little interest, then a bespoke approach could help you find success.

Bespoke marketing is focused on your home, and your home alone. 

We use a 9-step bespoke marketing process that includes benefits such as lifestyle photography, home styling, poetic descriptions of your home, a magazine-style brochure, and even a bespoke For Sale sign. 

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