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5 Kitchen Updates To Boost The Value Of Your Home

5 Kitchen Ideas To Boost The Value Of Your Home
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Whether you’re putting your home on the market or simply want to elevate your interiors, Nicholas Smith from The White Kitchen Company shares five kitchen ideas that will add value to your property.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means it will have a large bearing on how a property looks and feels. So, if you have outdated décor, faulty appliances, or cabinets that have seen better days, this is often the first thing that guests or prospective buyers will notice. However, on the plus side, this also means that when you’re hoping to elevate your home design (perhaps with the goal of selling it), the kitchen is an excellent place to start as it can have the most visual impact for your money. In fact, a new kitchen can add up to 10% to the property’s value when it’s time to sell (Checkatrade).

If this sounds like something your home could benefit from, below are five value-adding updates you can make to your kitchen this year.

Refresh the walls and floors

The condition of the walls and flooring in your kitchen will be one of the first things that people notice, meaning they’re a great starting point if you want to get the most impact for your money. Outdated, worn, or stained tiles can really age a kitchen and make it feel cheap, so when it’s time for a makeover, replace low-grade materials like linoleum with new tiles to instantly elevate the whole room. 

Similarly, by their very nature kitchens can get messy, meaning walls get scuffed or stained over the years. So, after cleaning them to remove any dirt or discolouration, apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls and ceiling of your kitchen as this will help you start the renovation process with a clean slate. You may also need to update the tiling for the splashback, as these not only bear the brunt of everyday cooking but can easily look dated, too. Opting for splashback tiles in a different colour or pattern from the walls can also be a welcome contrast that draws the eye towards the focal point of the kitchen.

The good news is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a rug. Decide on a budget and stick to it. If you shop around, you can find a large rug, like an 8′ x 4′ one, for under £150.

Update the appliances

When viewing a property, many prospective buyers will be put off by kitchen appliances that seem outdated or inefficient, as these are something they may need to shell out for in future. So, while it might seem like an unnecessary cost to fit your kitchen with a brand-new oven or extractor hood just before you move out, remember that this is an important way to boost value and try to see it as a long-term investment. These new features are then something your estate agent can communicate to those viewing the property, as one of the many positive selling points of your home. 

Even if you aren’t intending to sell in the near future, refreshing the cooking appliances or white goods will instantly elevate the feel of your kitchen. Today, built-in appliances tend to be more popular than stand-alone varieties, so you may opt for seamless, bespoke designs that are considered to be more futureproof. Similarly, modern homeowners often like to hide their white goods for aesthetic reasons, so consider installing washing machines or dishwashers behind cupboard doors.

In 2023, accessories, including cushions, are moving towards a cleaner and more minimalistic look.

Maximise storage space

How to boost the value of your kitchen in 5 easy steps

Storage is vital when it comes to kitchens, so if yours is lacking in sufficient storage space, correcting this is a must. Having enough storage will help you keep your work surfaces clear and make it easier to maintain a clean, attractive kitchen between mealtimes. A great way to maximise space even in the smallest of kitchens is to utilise vertical storage, such as wire racks hung on the inside of cupboard doors or double-stacked cabinets with pull-down shelves. Alternatively, you might use any dead space in the room to build bespoke shelving, as this will help you make the most of every spare inch available. Pantries are an increasingly sought-after feature, so if you have space going to waste, building a pantry is another way to instantly add value to your kitchen.

If you’re unsure, go for light colors and a simple style with a vintage, minimalistic, or Scandinavian touch.

If you want your home to look its best when it’s up for sale, why not take some tips from professional photographers on how to prepare it? They know how to make your home look fantastic for its market debut.

Freshen up the cabinets and worktops

Much like walls and flooring, the work surfaces in any kitchen can become worn and look tired over the years. Cabinets and worktops should therefore be at the top of your list when in the process of a kitchen makeover, as these are a major part of the aesthetic appeal. If you want to create the most visual impact for as little money as possible, you may choose to remove the cabinet doors, paint them a fresh colour, and re-attach them to give the illusion of new cabinets. However, if you’re ready to make the investment, opting for brand-new cabinetry in a neutral, timeless shade like white or cream can be a longer-lasting choice compared to a hyper-trendy colour that will soon go out of style.

New worktops are also a slightly bigger investment, but rest assured, they will make a world of difference in terms of aesthetics and adding overall value to your property. Long-lasting, popular materials such as quartz or marble are a great choice, and you never know, seeing sleek new worktops might be the final push prospective buyers need when viewing your home!

Add an island

Kitchen islands have become a very popular and sought-after design feature in recent years, so if you only have room for one major renovation in your budget, this should be it! Islands add an elegant feel to any kitchen and, when done right, can be a versatile and very practical addition to your home.

For example, breakfast bars are growing in popularity due to the rise in open plan living, and with a few stylish, adjustable bar stools you can turn your island into your very own breakfast bar. Similarly, if you’re looking to maximise the storage space in your kitchen, try to opt for an island with built-in cupboards or open shelving. This will provide you with somewhere to store pans, cooking utensils, crockery, and anything else you need within arm’s reach — perfect for the avid cooks among us.

With these simple home updates, you can elevate your interiors and get the most value out of your home. For more insights about property marketing, check out the rest of our articles on the Weavers blog.

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